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Episode 3 - I, Robot

The crew of Sealab have heated debates on the ethics of putting their brains into robot bodies. Oh, yeah, and the station is imploding.


The crew are talking to Old Gus via the monitor.

Old Gus: The penalty -

Quinn's transmission cuts in.

Quinn: Come in! Pod Seven's gone! You gotta get everyone outta Pod Six! The -

Sparks: Aw, for the love of...

Sparks cuts off Quinn and brings Gus back up on the screen.

Sorry, Gus.

Old Gus: Ahem. The penalty for a robot harming a human will be one thousand years, frozen in carbonite!

End transmission.

Stormy: A thousand years frozen in carbonite?? It'll be so cold!

Rousing choral music starts up in the background.

Murphy: My nipples are hard just thinking about it.

Stormy: Man, I'd kill myself.

Debbie: Hel-looo? Prime Directive Three!

Murphy: Damn Prime Directives! I just don't know if I wanna live a thousand years. Even as an Adrienne Barbeau-bot... with hard nipples.

Marco: Plus, self-termination? Hey, I gotta tell ya, it's a sin in the eyes of the Robot Church.

Murphy: We don't need Rome telling us what to do!

There are some more hideous creaking noises.

Computer: Pod Six critical.

Sparks: Wait! If we're robots, we'll have mechanics! They could shut us down, permanently.

Debbie: No-no-no-no-no-no. Your robot body would go crazy and kill 'em.

Marco: With the strength of five gorillas!

Stormy: And then it's right back to the carbonite.

Murphy: And, there go my nipples again.
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